Creative thinking (5 weeks)** NEW!

A course full of creative fun. Would you like to be creative, but do you get stuck because of a lack of inspiration? During this course we will work on discovering, stimulating and developing new ways of thinking, looking and experiencing. You will discover surprising angles, find inspiration in unexpected places, get to know yourself better and discover how you can awaken creativity in yourself at any time.
What you learn:

    an arsenal of methods to pull yourself out of a creative block
    getting rid of your inner critic
    getting off the beaten track – paint your book or write your painting
    finding a creative mode that suits you
    finding and defining your own unique view of the world

In principle, this course will take place on the same day and time every week during the entire course. Should a lesson be canceled due to a public holiday or for other reasons (eg teacher illness, organizational reasons), the lesson will be made up at the end of the course program. So keep in mind that a course can be delayed by a few weeks as a result. You can read more about this arrangement in our terms and conditions.

Over de docent:
Naftalie Vader

Cursusprijs 82,50/123,75/165,00 (Kijk hier voor meer tariefinformatie)
Duur 5 weken; Aantal deelnemers 8 - 10

Start/Tijd wo  2-11-2022 / 18:00-20:00
DocentNaftalie Vader

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