Sewing for beginners**

Entry Requirements: None! This course is meant specifically for beginners. You can bring your own sewing machine, but it's not necessary. Could you tell us, when you register, whether you will be bringing your own sewing machine?

If you're eager to learn how to sew but don't know where to start, this basic course is perfect for you!
In five lessons you will learn all the basics of sewing. We'll start by learning how to use your sewing machine. How to thread, and the different stitches are all discussed. We'll practice with the different stitches and stitching straight lines. In addition, we deal with all kinds of tricks of the trade. For example, have you ever used a seam ripper?
In the five lessons we'll also spend time on one or two beginner projects, such as a handy tote bag, a cushion cover with a zipper, vegetable bags, a quilted laptop cover or a streamer with flags!

What you'll learn:

  •     How the sewing machine works
  •     How to use the different stitches
  •     The tools that are involved
  •     Making a few beginner projects

If you get the hang of it after this basic course, you can immediately join the Sustainable sewing course next year, where we get started with upcycling and making our own clothing.

External course location: Stadhuisbrug 5
Please note that this course takes place in the sewing studio of the teacher "Steekje Los", Stadhuisbrug 5, Utrecht.

Lesson dates:
In principle, this course will take place on the same day and time every week during the entire course. Should a lesson be canceled due to a public holiday or for other reasons (eg teacher illness, organizational reasons), the lesson will be made up at the end of the course program. So keep in mind that a course can be delayed by a few weeks as a result. You can read more about this arrangement in our terms and conditions.

Early bird korting voor UU-studenten
UU-student? Via het Nationaal Programma Onderwijs krijgen early birds van 16 januari t/m 16 februari 20% extra korting op cursussen die starten vanaf 20 februari.  Deze korting komt bovenop de 50% studentenkorting die je al krijgt en wordt automatisch verrekend bij de inschrijving. Let op: de early bird korting is beperkt beschikbaar. Op = op, dus wees er snel bij! 

Over de docent:
Tinka van der Kooij

Cursusprijs 115,00/172,50/230,00 (Kijk hier voor meer tariefinformatie)
Duur 7 weken; Aantal deelnemers 8 - 12

Start/Tijd wo  10-5-2023 / 19:30-21:30
DocentTinka van der Kooij

Is de cursus vol? In sommige gevallen kun je op een wachtlijst geplaatst worden. Neem dan contact op met Parnassos en informeer naar eventuele andere mogelijkheden.

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