Photography advanced (5 weeks)*

Entrance requirements: Course Basic Photography or basic knowledge of photography .
Equipment Requirements: DSLR camera.

This course will teach you how to make your photos even more interesting. You will try out new things using stimulating assignments. We will gather inspiration and get to work using imagery analysis, where you will learn how to dissect the image and discover how the photographer has applied creative means to obtain the most beautiful photograph. We will refresh your technical knowledge and teach you how to use this to achieve better looking visuals. During the course, you will gain more and more control over your camera.

What you will learn:

  • You will develop your skills as a creative photographer
  • You will improve your technical knowledge
  • How to discuss and analyse each other?s works
  • How to better use composition, light and viewpoint, among others
Course dates
This course will take place every week on the same day and time during the entire course. If a lesson is canceled due to a holiday or other causes (eg. Illness teacher, organizational issues), the lesson will be then rescheduled at the end of the course program. For more information please read our general conditions.

Corona measures
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Tightened measures
If measurements change during your course so that teaching in Parnassos is no longer possible, this course will continue online. By enrolling in this course, you agree.

About the teacher:
Laura Cnossen

Price 105,00/157,50/210,00 (Click here for more information about price categories)
Duration 7 x; Participants 8 - 10

Start/Time Thu  4-3-2021 / 20:15-22:15
TeacherLaura Cnossen
Start/Time Thu  6-5-2021 / 20:15-22:15
TeacherLaura Cnossen

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