Photoshop** (online) NEW!

Entry requirements : Average computer skills (explanation at the bottom of this page). this course is especially suitable for everyone without experience in working with Photoshop.

NOTE: This in an online course. This course works with Zoom. Make sure you've installed and tested this programme before the course starting date.

How do you work with Photoshop? Say, you want to edit a photograph, make a poster or create a gorgeous digital artwork ? how do you transfer your ideas to the screen? This four-lesson Photoshop crash course will help you get started. Right from the first lesson, we will approach the program hands-on. Theory will wait until lesson two, including tips about composition, colour and printer delivery!

What you will learn:

  • working with layers and masks
  • editing and correcting photos
  • making your own photo collages
  • short theory on graphic design: colour, typography and composition
  • useful tips and tricks

Please note! For this course you are required to have a laptop equipped with Adobe Photoshop (version CS3 or later). You will be working on your own laptop during the classes. If you want to know which device driver and/or how much capacity your laptop will need for this program, check .
Attention: Adobe CC doesn't work too well within the MyWorkplace environment . The software can be very slow, and many (required) keyboard shortcuts don't function well, some not at all. Problems are worse on a Mac than on a Windows machine. If you do end up using MyWorkplace during this course, please take a thorough look at the MyWorkplace FAQ . Pay special attention to mastering how to exchange files between your own machine and the MyWorkplace environment. The teacher is not able to help you with problems concerning MyWorkplace.

Average computer skills: You should be able to follow instructions like 'shift-click', 'copy-paste' or 'click and drag' without any problems. We assume you know what a window is, and that you're able to close, minimise and resize it.

Course dates:
During the entire course, classes will take place weekly on the same day and at the same time. Whenever a class is cancelled due to a holiday or due to an unforeseen cause (sickness of the teacher, unforeseen reasons in organization), the end date of the course will be extended with one week in order to complete the course . Please take into account that, due to this reason, the course can last several weeks longer than anticipated.

About the teacher:
Vincent van der Vliet

Price 55,00/82,50/110,00 (Click here for more information about price categories)
Duration 4 x; Participants 8 - 12

Start/Time Wed  7-4-2021 / 17:00-19:00
TeacherVincent van der Vliet

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