Requirements: None, although some photography experience is beneficial. The more experience you have in manually adjusting your camera settings, the more you can leverage your photography technique to tell your story. Additionally, it's important to have some time available for taking the photos alongside the 2-hour weekly course.

Photography is the perfect medium for telling (complex) stories to a wide audience. But how do you find such a story? And how do you convey it through photography?

In this course, you will learn how to create a photo story. We will start by choosing a subject and determining a message from there. You will photograph this subject, and then discuss the photos with the instructor and other participants. What do your photos communicate, and does it align with what you want to convey? Perhaps there is a deeper story hidden within your photos. Through weekly work discussions combined with personal assignments, you will create an engaging visual story over the course of seven weeks.

What you will learn:
  • Choosing a subject
  • Determining a message
  • Conveying a message through photography
  • Creating a strong photo selection that aligns with your intended message