Entry requirements: none.
Don't want to choose a dance style? Don't know exactly what you like? Or would you like to learn more about a style in which you don't yet have much experience? Four different dance styles in 1 dance training and you will be ready for the new (college) year!
This 2-hour open level dance training consists of 30 minutes Dance Work-Out, 30 minutes Ballet Barre, 30 minutes Contemporary Jazz and 30 minutes Burlesque.
Dance Work-Out consists of a proper warm- up including muscle strengthening and stretching exercises. After doing these exercises every day, you will not only have tools to do a good warm-up, but you will go into the new season a lot fitter!
Ballet Barre: classical ballet has a strong tradition with its own rules about form. Classical ballet dancers dance with elegance and lightness. Ballet also assumes a confident and proud posture of the body; something you can benefit from outside dance class, for example when making presentations. 
Contemporary Jazz has roots in traditional jazz dance styles and contemporary dance. Where ballet is high and elegant, the character of Contemporary Jazz is often much more earthy. Charlotte's Contemporary Jazz training has Israeli influences and is more dynamic in nature.
Burlesque is characterised by 'exaggeration'. With a nod to the tragedy of everyday life, we celebrate ourselves and that we are allowed to be who we are.
Practical information
Teacher: Charlotte van den Reek
Dates: Monday 28 August to Friday 1 September 2023
Time: 10:00-12:00 hours
Footwear and clothing: socks & bare feet. Slack ballet shoes and heels are an optional, but not compulsory. You may wear whatever you like. Tighter clothing allows your body shape to be seen better and therefore the teacher can correct you better if necessary.
Changing and showers: in Parnassos there are no changing rooms and showers.