Audition Christmas dinner show

Parnassos has a wonderful tradition: the Christmas Dinner Show. The audience is served a spectacular show with a three-course meal, served and presented by dancers, singers and musical performers. Do you see a role for you here? Sign up for the auditions.

This Christmas performance is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's story The Snow Queen. With the characters and elements from this story we forge a modern fairy tale. For this performance we are looking for a group of about 20 enthusiastic students. Singers, dancers, musicians, actors, acrobats, circus performers! We divide the participants into two groups. One group concentrates on the development of dance, acrobatics and the acts. In addition, one group creates and performs the music. There is also a group that creates and performs the music. The singers/characters will start with rehearsals focusing on singing and acting. Then they will rehearse with the group making music, and with the dancers. And at the end, you rehearse with all the participants together.

The auditions are on June 21 at 7:30 PM in Parnassos. Rehearsals start September 20 on Wednesday evenings and the performances are from Wednesday December 13 to Saturday December 16, 2023.

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