Have you taken some drama, dance, or singing courses and now you want to show something on stage? Then here is your chance! Together with your group you will show, of course in front of a full theatre, why the overwhelming applause is so much deserved! During the production you will work with your fellow students towards a good show, but you will also be actively involved in designing the performance. For example, the group thinks about design and has a role in the design and distribution of the poster.

For some productions there will be an audition. If you want to participate, you pay 50 euros as a down payment on the course fee. If you pass the audition, you pay the rest of the course fee prior to your first lesson. If you do not pass, the deposit will be refunded to your account. Below you will find all information about upcoming productions. Do you have any questions about the audition or the productions? Mail to productie.parnassos@uu.nl.



Theater production: Shakespeare's Henry V (ENG)**